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Bringing access to a new level

Secret Access is a revolution in providing our very own access solutions that are concealed within an entrance step, to maintain the appearance of your establishment, place, home or building. Our access solutions are permanent but leave no permanent trace, i.e. secret!

The world of secret access

Transforming access problems into a hidden access solution.


concealed. defining. seamless.

All our automatic and manual solutions have been purposely designed to be seamlessly concealed when not in use. The result is that a permanent structure is not required outside of any place to gain access.


design at unparalleled scale

Our effortless access solutions are the definition of providing concealed, effective and sustainable access. The advantages provided by our Secret Access solutions create unlimited design possibilities for providing access for the user and the building appearance.

The world of secret access

Access solutions specialising in design.


3 Types of Secret Access solutions

Automatic – Manual – Portable


Hidden and Concealed

All automatic and manual solutions are concealed within the step when not in use.



Our access solutions are not off-the-shelf they are designed to fit your requirements

The Auto’s

Auto 1

This effortless access solution is the result of a groundbreaking idea combined with innovative technology. The Auto 1 was only produced to be an outstanding access solution. With a press of a button, the ramp will automatically appear from inside the step. With another touch of a button, the ramp will disappear into the step, leaving no permanent image and disruption to the building. Simple isn’t it?

























































Auto 2

The Auto 2 is an example of the power behind our design process. It looks like a step but actually with automatic hydraulic power it gently declines to present access at a comfortable gradient. A place, building or establishment that needs access, might not have the privilege of an easily accessible entrance. Perhaps that annoying narrow pavement has prevented you putting an access solution in the past? Not anymore, as the solution is the Auto 2.































Auto 3

With cutting edge design, Secret Access brings to you a different type of access solution. The Auto 3 combines our Auto 1 and Auto 2 for a very unique automatic solution. This solution declines on itself like the Auto 2 and then adds a small extending length similar to the Auto 1, to create sleek access. Having a solution like this allows us to reach higher entrances where there might not be room for a longer extending access solution.


Unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced!

The Manual Range


The Easy-Fold is an access solution that leaves nothing to the imagination. There is no fancy trick or a magical way to operate it, all you have to do is simply unfold it in a chronological way. When not in use the process is reversed and it easily folds back into the entrance step like an origami puzzle.


















































Amazing, that’s how we call the Flex. It is the creation of understanding people’s needs when requiring access and it shows from the design effort behind it. The Flex is based on adaptive engineering and allows access to be achieved at different gradients. You simply extend this access solution by our fancy pull straps to the gradient you require. It can’t get any more simple than that.


























The name says it all with this access solution punching the basics out of the window. The Easy-Slide is a classic Secret Access manual solution build that comes with ergonomic pull straps on a resistance free sliding mechanism requiring little effort.


We were so happy with the appearance and capabilities of the Auto 2 Secret Access solution that we decided to create a manual version. When access is required, you simply unlock what looks like a step and with soft action resistance springs and other innovations the step declines creating access at a gentle gradient.



























The only portable you will ever need


This is the crème brûlée of portable access solutions, introducing the Featherweight. The lightest ever access solution available, with a unique construction that can be taken anywhere. Formed by a special lightweight composite material, you can pick this access solution up with one finger! The Featherweight is the new definition of portable access, enabling an extremely versatile solution to eliminate even the most demanding access barriers.


Your future access solution is near.



Do you have an access problem?  Call, Email, or Social Media us. 



Through a free, no obligation site survey, we will find the perfect bespoke Secret Access solution to meet your requirements.


order & installation.

Depending on the solution, manufacturing only takes 1 to 4 weeks. When its ready our installation team will get in contact.



Our Secret Access solutions are not in the habit of failing! From servicing advice or we never just run and leave.



But a question to you… Why not have a Secret Access solution that is completely concealed not affecting the appearance of your place but allows access?


Do not own the building? Have to face the brick wall of board members? Need to convince someone or a place? We will fight your corner, connecting with the decision-makers!



Do you have a solution installed already but it’s a bulky structure, hard to use or always breaking down? Get in touch with us.

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