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The push through

These times have certainly challenged the most successful and powerful businesses in the world. Even now, most businesses are marginally surviving and many have been conquered or suspended with Coronavirus. 

After contacting private companies for their views on improving accessibility, we encountered the negative ‘budget restrictions’ phrase that has haunted disability on many fronts.

The hard cold truth is that disability change was already the underdog in society. Many people have dedicated their lives and careers into improving disability so it has a boundary free place in a society. Over the past year the focus predominantly on how to exist in a new change to the world has forced disability further down the list.

Although budget may be limited to improve the facilities for disabled people in this pandemic, it is not justifiable to leave disability and accessibility behind. There has to be inclusion on all fronts so when the world does open up accessibility is available. 

Secret Access will continue to push through limitations that accessibility has faced in the past. We will not be defeated by changes or challenges placed upon us.