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It’s just the way it is…

At Secret Access we are in the exact same boat as everyone else… bored, worried and cannot see a way out of this isolation nightmare! This whole experience of social isolation and confinement will without a doubt, disrupt a person’s normal way of life.

Most of our clients have a disability and have been classed as vulnerable. More clientele of Secret Access are businesses and have shut. It’s just the new normal for awhile, a challenge that will result in us all becoming stronger at the end of it.

Adaptation to the current circumstance is key! So at Secret Access we have decided to come up with some top tips to ensure that your confinement is over within a blink of an eye. 

Top Tips

Uncertainty, boredom and worrying times? Break the mould!

1. Relax and enjoy the slow time! 

Rushing around all the time and every single day, its the world we live in. 0 to 100 mph in seconds, without taking the time to concentrate on ourselves. A long lie-in during the mornings of confinement or a complete lazy day, will not be the worst idea.

2. Make and Bake Something

Maybe there is a new recipe that you want to try or re-attempt a recipe like that failed burnt cake?

3. Connect

Don’t forget to call people. It’s going to be hard and yes there might be some tears but checking in with people will help you mentally in the long run.

4. Learn Something

Many Colleges and Universities across the country are releasing free courses. Take advantage of learning a new language?

5. Play

Grab that old board game that you haven’t played for years you might get some enjoyment out of it! 

6. Read

Have you been putting off reading that book? There are also plenty of audiobooks and online books for your choosing

7. Assess and Improve

Take time to reflect on where you would like to improve in life and more importantly a reflection on yourself. A new career? Perhaps a diet? Or confronting something you have been avoiding for a long time? Positive improvements are mandatory here! 

8. Plan

The most important thing is never give up hope! Things will return!